Meeting 2

West Milford Township Schools


Creating a Five Year Strategic Plan

For West Milford Schools


Vision 2019


Mission Statement

The mission of the West Milford Township Public Schools is to bring together all available resources of home, school, and community, inclusive of a comprehensive curriculum based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, in a mutual effort to guide every pupil’s growth towards becoming a self-respected individual who can effectively function politically, economically, and socially in a democratic society.

The members of the West Milford Township High School, servicing a geographically large suburban community, seek to provide a challenging and comprehensive education in an orderly and safe environment that serves to enrich the intellectual, cultural, and ethical lives of our students.

We are committed to the belief that our students are individuals possessing diverse interests, abilities, and goals. Therefore, we continue to develop and implement an educational program suitable to the needs of every student.

We strive to produce lifelong learners dedicated to realizing the fullness of their potential. Their educational experience will nurture their development as individuals who are confident participants in the global community.

Session #2


On April 10, 2014, West Milford School District Administration, Board of Education members, staff, parents and community members came together to continue strategic planning. The second evening topic focused on creating a shared vision for the West Milford School District.  The meeting began with a vision exercise called “Our Cover Story”.  Participants were given a magazine cover with a picture of their school on it with the accompanying title “Schools That Succeed.”  Participants were asked to envision coming back to the community five years from today and seeing that magazine cover. What would they want the story to say about the school district in year 2019? Participants were asked to discuss what their vision and dreams are for the district, develop a shared vision together.

Small groups of participants brainstormed and shared ideas together.  After group discussion, each group identified their consensus points and presented those to the full group of meeting participants.

The information that follows is a summary of the work of the small groups.

As discussed with the meeting participants, all consensus points are recorded and posted on the web to share the group work during the course of the strategic planning process.

Group Consensus

Vision 2019- Highlights from our “Cover Story”


Purple Team


  • Restructure grade schools by grade cohorts
  • Partnerships with local business community including job placements/career advice/community service
  • More emphasis on citizenship education in social studies program
  • Achieve global competitiveness of our students (statewide, national, international)
  • Nuts and bolts exposure to computing
  • Increase opportunities for professional development
  • Integrate emerging technologies into classroom experience
  • Parent workshops to enhance family support for students
  • Emphasize useful and practical life skills


Orange Team


  • Building foundational skills
  • Build student ownership
  • Renewed interest in students and learning
  • Well-rounded school district-opportunities for all students
  • Vocational skills
  • Drug alcohol awareness
  • Student ownership of academic journey
  • High level of “Highlander Pride”
  • Increase opportunities with efficient use of resources
  • Producing technology literate students
  • Students as workers
  • Renewed commitment to fundamentals of learning


    Red Team



  • Transitioning to the real world
  • Students who: Look beyond… To what they want to be
  • Create a product or initiative that exists outside the school environment
  • Creating student goals and visions
  • Creating electronic student portfolios
  • Create student that is actively engaged and involved in the community
  • Developing “net” citizenship
  • Create a global awareness
  • High standards for all students will
  • Dual  enrollment courses for college credit


    Green Team


  • The Learning Center
    • Theater arts, coffee center, food center, carwash, film, band, parity childcare, authentic Learning Center, college credits
  • Expanding view of professional development
  • Communication/interpersonal skills
  • Technology
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Facilities
  • Electives more vocational programs
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Virtual communication
  • Career club
  • Engaged students
  • Excited motivated students
  • Self-directed students
  • Problem solvers
  • Positive school climate
  • Night school for students and parents




  • “TEACH for West Milford”
  • Community - School partnership
  • Service learning-academic/community
  • Mentoring/internships
  • Charity volunteering
  • New teacher incentives (housing) - give back to the community
  • Change the way students are grouped - cross age groups
  • Communication skills, interviewing skills, job placement skills, social skills
  • Parent involvement, parent education, parents in the classroom
  • Regular forms for school community connections
  • Inclusion of role models


The third and final strategic planning session is scheduled for:

May 20, 2014

Meetings are scheduled for 7:00 PM

The challenge for the meeting will be to:

  • Write a broad goal statement for each goal area- 

                 The four goal areas that have emerged from the group work are:


                  1.  Student Achievement

                  2.  Community Engagement

                  3.  Resources

                   4.  Culture and Climate


  • Develop  goals and objectives under the three or four goal areas based on the common threads from all previous group work

Each participant will be asked to self select a “goal area” of their interest and choosing.

Participants may want to prepare ideas ahead of time prior to the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you!