High School Activities List

Below is a list of the 2018-2019 Co and Extra Curricular activities with head coaches/advisors.  All BOE sponsored:

Athletics - Fall

Football (Varsity, JV, Frosh) – S. Maslanek

Cross Country (Boys & Girls, Varsity) – B = J. Andrulli / G = A. Jones

Girls’ Tennis (Varsity, JV) – B.Infante

Soccer (Boys & Girls, Varsity, JV, Frosh) – B = R.Ferriola rayferriola@gmail.com / G = R.Zuban

Gymnastics (Varsity) – L.Rembrandt

Cheerleading (Varsity, JV) – K.Tripodi

Field Hockey (Varsity, JV, Frosh) – K.Provost

Girls’ Volleyball (Varsity) –A.Forget aforget@lakeland.k12.nj.us

Athletics – Winter

Wrestling (Varsity, JV) – T.Pevny

Bowling (Co-Ed, Varsity, JV) – J.Caillie

Ski Racing (Boys & Girls, Varsity) – I.White

Basketball (Boys & Girls, Varsity, JV, Frosh) – B = J.Finke / G = R.LaCroix

Fencing (Boys & Girls, Varsity) – G = J. Browne / B = C. Shenise

Cheerleading (Varsity, JV) – K.Tripodi

Winter Track (Boys & Girls, Varsity) – M. Lambert

Ice Hockey (Varsity) – C. Enrico

Athletics – Spring

Softball (Varsity, JV, Frosh) – N.Gwinnett

Baseball (Varsity, JV, Frosh) – J. Jordan

Boys’ Tennis (Varsity, JV) – R.Zuban

Spring Track (Boys & Girls, Varsity) – B = A.Joecks / G = S.Piecuch

Golf (Co-Ed, Varsity) – J.Finke

Lacrosse (Boys – Varsity, JV / Girls – Varsity, JV) – B = G. Stoll / G = C.Conway

Boys’ Volleyball (Varsity) –A.Forget

Stipend Activities

Class Advisors for each grade –9 = Charlene Buongiorno, Sarah Guenter / 10 = Lydia Laba / 11 = Susan Nebiker / 12 = Sarah DeMicco

Erase/GSA – Catherine Signorelli, Gregory Gallet

National Honor Society – Syrena LoRe, Nicole Petrosillo

Newspaper –Nicole Petrosillo

PALS – Melissa Csengeto, Nicole Klosz

Special Olympics – Kristi Clave

Student Council -  David Gerold

Yearbook – Jennifer Metcalf, Rebecca Calderone

Hourly Activities

Art Club– Cindy Gallaugher

Chess Club—Erik Nitkinas

Dance Team – Shayla Doherty shayladoherty@gmail.com

DECA - Samantha Fodor

Foreign Lang Honor Soc (Sp, Fr, Ger, Ital) – Spanish = Leo Andrade / French = Stephanie Garcia / German = Evelyn Erli / Italian = Vincenza Certosimo

Green Team—Mary Kennedy, Monica Bohorquez-Zemser

History Club—Kathleen McCort

Industrial Arts - Stephen Beattie

Interact – Allison Scully, Charlene Buongiorno

Mock Trial - John Holland

Model Congress—Joe Smolinski

Model UN – Bobby Callamari, Gregory Gallet

Mu Alpha Theta (Math) Honor Society  - Ryan Heerschap

National Art Honor Society – Jennifer Monego

Robotics Club –Karen Flaherty

Science Olympiad - Deana Pezzino, Joe Petrosi

Science National Honor Society—Deana Pezzino

Stage/Audio Lighting – Heather Burns, Christopher Shenise

Varsity Club – Jessica Allison, Susan Potzer

Weightlifting/Conditioning—Stephen Maslanek

WM Poetry Society - Syrena LoRe Nicole Petrosillo

Volunteer Activities

Gaming Club—George Warren

Miniature Golf - John Holland, C Blomgren

Student Wellness and Yoga - S.LoRe

The Way - A.Dickerson, B.Callamari


Band (Marching, Jazz) – B.McLaughlin / M.Gramata

Chorus (several groups) – D.Heyburn 


Indoor Color Guard – P.Shaver

Indoor Percussion – J. Calabrese drum48@optonline.net

Musical/Theatre – H. Burns

Please click here for more detailed information about these clubs and activities.