State Assessment Participation

Dear Parents,

Federal and state law and regulations mandate that West Milford Public Schools administer the NJ state annual assessment. In March of 2015 we administered the PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) assessment for the first time. ALL New Jersey school districts are required to give the PARCC assessment. Unfortunately, 35.5% of the West Milford students refused to take the PARCC test. West Milford was one of only 89 out of over 500 school districts with a large percentage of refusals (see 2015 Score reports). Over 100 NJ school districts had 0 refusals. Since we had less than 95% participation, we had to submit an action plan to Passaic County. This large percentage of refusals has a negative impact on our first-year baseline data. We are hoping that the 2016 PARCC assessments will yield a more positive result. However, we cannot achieve this goal without your help.

PARCC testing is important in providing direction for school programming by breaking down success on individual, classroom, grade, school, and district levels. This allows the district to make personalized adjustments within West Milford’s many educational environments.  The PARCC assessments are administered with many accessibility features and accommodations that are selected for each individual student as needed.  PARCC provides invaluable information to students and families.  We believe that together we can support our students’ participation in PARCC testing, while providing for their individual needs.

We are committed to providing families the most updated information from the state, as well as the most recent test results, to keep you informed.  

For some helpful facts about the benefits of PARCC, click here.

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In West Milford, we pride ourselves on holding our students to the highest of standards, while keeping the community informed of our shared responsibilities.   We sincerely encourage you to reach out to our district teachers, school principals, or district assessment team to assist you in understanding our obligation to participate in the PARCC assessment as well as how participation will benefit your child.

Other Considerations

1. "PARCC is a test worth taking made up of texts worth reading and problems worth solving. PARCC for Parents. It is truly a learning experience for students as they interact with grade level texts and equations. Your child will benefit from the experience.

2. PARCC Assessments will provide valuable information to parents and educators about your child's progress towards meeting the standards and being college and career ready.

3. In order to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), a school must ensure that assessments have been taken by at least ninety-five percent (95%) of enrolled students.