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If you're here it's because you're interested in learning more about Google Apps for Education.  We want to be sure you have what you need to be successful.  And so below we will continually add more and more resources for you.  This includes class schedules, online videos, educational websites, how-tos, and contacts.

What is the new log on page?

A: There are a bunch of different addresses/ways that will take you to the log in page.
You can click the New Email button under For Staff on the homepage
You can go to (no www) And click Sign In at the top right corner
You can go to and just sign in
You can go to or

What if I already had a google account using my account as a log on?

A: There is a process required to copy over information from your old account to your new account.  I have created a detailed tutorial which you can check out here.

What are Search Operators?

A: Search Operators are codes you can use to search for specific items in your email that are very useful.  For instance if I knew an attachment to an email I was looking for was named PARCC.xls I could search for filename:PARCC.xls  and it'll pull up that specific email.  You can also increase your search options by clicking the down arrow in the search bar to use more advanced search options.
A list of Search Operators can be found here

Staff Created Videos


Using Gmail Lesson 1 - Bebarce El-Tayib

This introductory video will give you the basics about the Gmail layout.  It covers sending, receiving, and sorting email.  This a long form video. If you want shorter installments specific to functions select the options below.


Logging Into Gmail - Bebarce El-Tayib

This video quickly show's you multiple ways to log on to Gmail.


Contacts - The Interface

A brief primer on how your contacts app screen will look.

Contacts - Adding Contacts

A brief primer on how to add contacts 

Using Google DRIVE Lesson 1 - Bebarce El-Tayib

This introductory video will give you the basics for storing, creating, and sharing files within your Google Drive Account.

Scheduled Training Events

Coming Soon!

Other Online Videos

 Google Apps

Google Apps for Education Demo

This video includes a brief overview of Google Apps for Education.  It's far from comprehensive but will give you a great start.


Helpful How-Tos and Educational Sites

Guide to Going Google - Google's guide site for new users going Google.  Including tons of resources and videos.

Youtube Channel