Emergency Plan

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West Milford Township Board of Education,


West Milford Office of Emergency Management and

West Milford Police Department


A Guide to West Milford Township Public Schools’ Emergency Plan

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s):

Research studies find that despite overwhelming evidence that violent crime is declining inside and outside of schools, public fears about youth, youth violence, and safety in the school environment are still societal concerns. As Americans reflect on the lessons learned from school shootings across the country, communities like ours continue taking steps to ensure that the schools are preserved for the education of our young people.

The thought of an incident occurring in our schools due to fire, violent activity, or a natural disaster is indeed frightening. The Board of Education, Police Department, and Office of Emergency Management have spent an extensive amount of time and energy developing an effective emergency plan for the schools for any type of hazard.

If an emergency should arise, the first priority will always be to get your children to a safe place out of harm’s way. The very next priority will be to inform you, the parents, of what is happening.

It is with a considerable sense of community pride that we join together in this effort to work to insure the safety of our students, your children.


Alex Anemone, Ed.D., Superintendent

West Milford Township Public Schools

Timothy Storbeck, Chief

West Milford Township Police Department

Edward Steines, Coordinator

West Milford Township Office of Emergency Management





Why Evacuate and Relocate or “Lockdown” a Building?

No matter where we live or where our children attend school, emergencies are a fact of life. Emergencies frequently occur without warning so successful reaction to emergency situations depends on a carefully designed emergency operations plan. The West Milford Office of Emergency Management, the West Milford Police Department, and your Board of Education have developed a plan to respond to a wide variety of emergency situations. The criteria for relocation and sheltering of students or for the initialization of a “school lockdown” depend on many factors including: the degree of life hazard, traumatic impact on students, weather conditions, and the condition of a school building. When any of these criteria indicate the need to relocate and shelter the students, the Emergency Operations Plan will be implemented.

Parents, Should...

• remain calm. We realize that you will be concerned about your child’s safety. We will make every effort to address your concerns. Panic and hysteria will only complicate the situation.

• follow the instructions of police and emergency workers.

• report to the emergency relocation site.  The emergency shelter for any school evacuation will be the West Milford PAL building.  The PAL building is located on PAL Drive (Cahill Cross Road and Ridge Road).  At the emergency relocation site you will receive timely, accurate information regarding the evacuation and relocation of your child.  When deemed appropriate by emergency management personnel, you will be given directions about reuniting with your child.

• listen to your local radio (WSUS 102.3 FM, WGHT 1500 AM, or WFME 94.7 FM) or television station (Cablevision Channel 70) for advice and instructions.

• understand that any relocation site is an area or building within walking distance of the school.  It is large enough to accommodate the student population and will not interfere with the emergency operations at the school.  Each school principal has identified his/her relocation site.

• realize that attendance will be taken following any school evacuation and that accountability checks, based on daily attendance records, will be made.


Parents, Should Not...

• respond to the school or relocation site.  This will only create confusion and interfere with the efforts of the emergency personnel.

• call the Office of Emergency Management, the Police Department, or your child’s school.  These phone calls will likely cripple local communications and hinder emergency efforts.

• try to contact your child by cell phone.  This will lead to passing on possible inaccurate information causing unnecessary panic.

• post information in social media



911 Emergency Plans

In addition to our Evacuation Plan, the West Milford Office of Emergency Management, the West Milford Police Department, and the West Milford Board of Education have jointly developed a 911 Emergency Plan for all schools. The 911 Emergency Plan was developed to deal with a situation which would require a school to “lock down” the building. The plan is comprehensive in nature and outlines specific responsibilities for all emergency personnel and school officials.

The school district’s employees have been trained extensively regarding the 911 Emergency Plans. Additionally, all schools have participated in 911 emergency drills. It is anticipated that through their participation in 911 emergency drills, students will become as familiar with these procedures as they are with those for a fire drill.

Office of Emergency Management    www.westmilford.org

Public Safety-Office of Emergency Management    973-728-2840    973-728-2829    973-728-2827

West Milford Police Department    www.westmilford.org

Public Safety-Police    973-728-2801 or 2802

West Milford Board of Education    www.wmtps.org    973-697-1700

West Milford High School    973-697-1701

Macopin Middle School    973-697-5691

Apshawa    973-838-6515

Maple Road    973-697-3606

Marshall Hill    973-728-3430

Paradise Knoll    973-697-7142

Upper Greenwood Lake    973-853-4466

Westbrook    973-697-5700



WSUS 102.3 FM    WGHT 1500 AM    WFME 94.7 FM    CABLE T.V. - CHANNEL 70