Macopin Course Selections for Rising 6th Graders
Scheduling Materials and Course Descriptions for Rising 6th Graders

Beginning on Monday, February 8th, the Parent Portal will be open for Macopin Middle School course selections for our present 6th Grade students.

Information will also be found in the Friday, February 5th Virtual Backpack folder, and will be sent home with all 6th grade students.

Macopin Middle School Electronic Course Selection Process for 2016-2017 Grade 7

7th Grade Course Selection Sheet

Once you have read this information and have made your choices, go to the Parent Portal (at the top of the page, choose 'For Families" and then 'Parent Portal.' Sign in to your Parent Portal account and then choose Course Selections.  You will be able to choose your World Language selections.  For Music, you will be able to choose Band or Chorus.  For the Lunch option, you will be able to choose Chorus, Art or Coding.

Instructions for choosing World Language from the Course Requests page:

  • From the Drop Down menu, Choose World Language department. You will see the list of languages.

  • Find the language that is your first choice. Do NOT click the green button yet!

  • To the right of your first choice language you will see a drop down menu called "Alt." Pull down the drop down menu and choose your alternate world language.

  • Then click the green button next to your first choice. If you see a "Priorities" button or drop down please ignore that. It will not actually identify your order of preference.

Students not choosing to be a part of band or chorus will automatically be in Related Arts in 7th grade.Portal Opens: February 8 – February 15. If you are not able to use the portal, please return the required forms by Friday, February 12th.