Attendance FAQ's
Attendance FAQ's
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Attendance FAQ’s

How many absences cause a loss of credit?

    • Parent must call the school’s attendance secretary (ext. 7074) before 9am and provide a reason for the absence.
    • Upon return, a note signed by the parent must be turned in to the attendance secretary in the main office. Include the student’s name, date of and reason for the absence in the note.

Can my child bring in a doctor’s note?

YES! It should be given to the attendance secretary in the main office within 5 days  

 of the appointment. 

Does my child actually need to visit the doctor?

YES!  A doctor may not excuse an absence without having seen a child.

Can a medical office fax the note in?

YES!  The fax, however, must come from that medical office.

Please provide the HS fax # = 973-208-0912 (store this on your phone)

Can I fax medical notes to school?

No, we will no longer accept notes faxed in by parents – there have been several cases of alterations of these legal documents.

How are days excused?

    • Medical notes for multiple, consecutive days of illness or injury are excused immediately.
    • Documentation of required court appearances are excused immediately.
    • Official documentation (from admissions offices) of no more than 5 college visitation days is excused immediately.
    • Notices of absence due to death in the immediate family are excused.
    • Official documentation of a driver’s license test will excuse at least part of the day.
    • Religious holidays not observed by the district are excused immediately.
    • Medical notes for single days are accepted and filed, but not immediately excused.  These are considered, if a student has lost credit due to excessive absence.

Why aren’t single days with medical notes excused right away?

    • According to the State of New Jersey, the only days that we are required to excuse are religious holidays and Take Your Child to Work Day, nothing more.  We excuse the big illnesses immediately, because a truly sick child does need to be home. Single days are rarely as necessary.
    • Required visits to specialists are given greater consideration.
    • Check-ups and dental/orthodontic appointments need to be made after school hours. 
    • Our goal is to have our students here and learning as many days as possible.  That being said, we still allow 18 days of unexcused absence (10% of the school year); that is a lot of time out of school.

Are vacations an excused absence?

No, family vacations are not excused. See # 1 *

Am I contacted prior to attendance becoming a serious issue?

    • YES!  Warning letters are posted on the Parent Portal under Correspondences – please click on this tab often (there is NO notification system in the portal, indicating you have mail.)
    • A Honeywell alert of the correspondence is sent when an attendance letter is posted.
    • Update your portal contacts with the school as well as for the Honeywell Alert system; consider adding text messages to your alerts.

Am I contacted if my child is in danger of losing credit due to absence?

    • When your child has accrued more than half of the allowable absences in a semester or full year course, you and your child will be asked to attend a meeting with your child’s guidance counselor and Assistant Principal Karen Johnson in order to discuss the issue.

What is a class “cut”?

      • YES! A letter is mailed home on the day that each and every cut is verified.
      • The letter will detail the cut policy for your reference.
      • The same letter is posted on the Parent Portal under Correspondences.

    Am I alerted about lates to class?

      • You can track your child’s daily & period attendance on the Parent Portal (tabs to the left).
      • Under daily attendance, lates, absences, field trips etc… are all recorded by day and period.
      • If two lates are put in for a cut from a class, #13 above applies.
      • If your child comes within two lates of the maximum number allowed for a class, you and your child will be invited to attend an intervention with the Attendance Appeals Committee. 

    Can my child appeal a loss of credit due to absences or cuts?

      • YES!  Any student may file an appeal with the Attendance Appeals Committee if he/she has lost credit in a class for absenteeism/cuts.
      •  To file an appeal, students need to obtain, complete and turn in an appeal form from Assistant Principal Karen Johnson.
      • Parents are invited to attend, but it is not a requirement of an appeal. 
      • Please note that appeals are only granted in accordance with the student handbook.  Individual circumstances are considered, while a focus on providing an appropriate education to our students is maintained. Appeals are not granted lightly.


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